New to Working with Creative Services?

We’re looking forward to working with you!

Before you reach out with a project request, here is some helpful information about partnering with our team.

We Support Projects That Have University-wide Impact

Our department goals are focused on brand management, the recruitment and enrollment of students, and engaging our alumni networks. We prioritize jobs that align with these goals at the university level. We also support communicators and marketers across the campus with program-level campaigns as resources allow.

If we have to decline your job because of limited resources or because the job does not fit within the scope of our office’s mission, we’ll communicate with you promptly so that you have time to think about next steps. We can also provide you with a list of alternative resources to explore.

Request Support Using Our Project Request Form

We take on jobs that are big and small, from annual reports that tell your unit’s story, to brochures and mailers that get your alumni excited about upcoming events. The best way to initiate a project with our team is to use our project request form. Please be prepared to supply details about your request, including:

  • Is your request based around an event? If so, what is the date of that event?
  • Provide a short description of how the purpose and audience for this requested piece aligns with the university’s mission.
  • What are your goals for this piece, how will you measure its performance?
  • Will this project require custom photography?
  • How will you be distributing this piece to your target audience?

We Follow a Standard Process

Our process is designed to be as efficient as possible, while maximizing the talents of our team. Please review our project process before submitting a project request. To make the most of our limited resources, our project schedules are longer than what you might expect from an outside agency. Have a rush job? No problem—we can help connect you to other resources.