Brand Review

Creative Services provides brand reviews of externally distributed materials produced by Mason colleagues across the university.

What is an Admin 1111 review?

Formalized in Mason University Policy Number 1111, one of the core functions of Creative Services is to confirm that all university marketing materials, websites, and advertising follow Mason's visual and editorial style guidelines. This policy helps ensure consistency across materials and that all units are distributing materials that support Mason's brand.

What projects should I submit for review?

We ask that our colleagues proactively share their projects with Creative Services for review prior to release. Submit a request for Admin 1111 review for:

  • Publications—Newsletters, annual reports, magazines, and other short and long format pieces
  • Advertising—Print ads, billboards, posters, social media ads, commercials, and other media
  • Websites—New websites and marketing landing pages
  • Marketing—Program flyers, brochures, postcards, emails, and other recruitment or promotional materials

How do I submit my project for review?

To request a review of your product, submit an email request to and include "Admin 1111" in the subject line. Please allow a minimum of three business days for us to review and feedback for graphics, posters, and ads. Allow at least five business days for review of publications and multi- part or page projects.

Where can I find more information?

The full policy is available on the university's policy website, University Publication and Printing Function and Policies.

Still have questions? Contact us at